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Deliver a great user experience & be confident in customer identity

We understand you need certainty in customer identity verification while creating positive customer experiences. And while it’s important you know your customers, meeting legislative requirements can be complex.

We make it seamless

With greenID™’s electronic verification platform, you can verify identities against reliable, trustworthy, government and independent data sources in real-time – so your customers enjoy an easier onboarding experience and you can start transacting with them immediately.

We make this possible by securely capturing relevant customer details through a range of online forms, document scanning, biometric capture, document upload and manual data entry.

We provide certainty

Your customer’s details are thoroughly checked to ensure documents are authentic, photo ID is genuine, personal data is valid and not known for fraudulent behaviour.

Importantly, any scanned or uploaded government issued identity documents are checked against global ID templates giving you assurance they are genuine and haven’t been tampered with. This allows you to reduce the risk of identity fraud and create compliant accounts online.

We give you more choice and security

greenID™ gives you a choice of seamless integration options including API, Web and mobile. You also have the flexibility to decide which data sources you would like to implement, particularly when legislative obligations must be met.

Above all else, we deploy a high level of security across all systems so your customer’s identity information is safe and their privacy is protected. It’s this attention to detail that has earned trust with leading banks, credit unions, brokers, online gaming providers, telecommunications providers and government agencies.

greenID Services Overview

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With online identity verification, it costs you less to acquire customers and keep them happier

To maximise your business’ chances of creating accounts, its important customers aren’t unnecessarily impeded during the sign-up process. The goal of greenID™ is to easily, quickly and accurately verify an individual’s identity and to maximize electronic verifications.

With greenID™, you can verify an individual’s name, address, date of birth and document identifier against independent and reliable data sources, online in real time.

Tailor what, when and where data is captured

To further enhance your customers’ experience, greenID™ helps you:

  • Save time for customers only capturing fields that are needed
  • Set stringency levels, nominating how much intelligent matching is allowed
  • Find more matches by allowing customers to refine data
  • Choose whether data matching can be achieved using manual processing.

Choose the right approach for your customers

Depending on your customers and the data needed for verification, greenID™ offers a range of options. From online identity verification only through to face-to-face, we work with you to ensure the ruleset best suits your requirements. Your options include:

Verification of Identity

  • Background processing – Real-time checking from various ID sources to match customers’ exact name, address & DoB data.
  • Interactive sessions – Customers can add additional information online such as a document identifier to achieve a match and control the data sources they want to verify against.
  • Document Upload – Customers can upload scanned copies of paper identification documents which are reviewed by your staff. 
  • Face-To-Face – Allows the customer to download a pre-filled form and present in person to have their documents sighted and recorded (if available).

To discuss how greenID™ can help your business, get in touch here.



Using integrated processes for tablet and mobiles, customers can onboard on the go for a smoother experience

As customers’ reliance on mobile devices increases, the greenID™ Mobile Toolkit (SDK) allows a high-quality identity verification process incorporating biometric verification, OCR and document authentication to be embedded into your mobile and tablet applications.

For customers, this provides a less intrusive and highly responsive application process, while behind the scenes, your verification process adheres to the same reliable greenID™ rules.

Choose the mobile system to suit you

With greenID™ mobile onboarding, you have the flexibility to choose when and where you use components of the mobile onboarding platform.

A typical verification session follows this flow:

  • Your application decides when customers need to verify their identity and initialises the greenID™ Mobile SDK.
  • Customers choose their preferred identity documents.
  • Customers are instructed on how to capture images of their identity document.
  • Images are then checked for quality, a document authentication check is completed, and data automatically extracted (via OCR).
  • Customers are guided through the process of taking a selfie for facial comparison to their identity document.
  • Using facial recognition software the two photos are compared to determine whether the person in each picture is the same.
  • Data extracted from the ID document is presented back to the customer so they can check it and correct it if necessary.
  • Finally, greenID™ verifies the identity and returns the verification status to the SDK.

Once the verification process is complete, the mobile onboarding platform seamlessly takes customers back to the next step in their process.
mobile onboarding



greenID™ mobile onboarding incorporates biometric verification to reduce fraud

Using greenID™ mobile onboarding you can capture customer details visually or audibly, for use as one-time verification or to be stored for future authentication purposes.

Facial Biometrics Tests Ranked #1

Facial biometrics compare an image of an individual (such as a driver’s licence photo) with a real-time image of that person (a selfie) to verify authenticity.

The facial recognition system then uses algorithms and pattern matching to correctly identify face prints when images differ due to posing angle, illumination, facial hair, glasses and ageing.

Most importantly, it reduces fraud and acts as a simple deterrent during the identity verification process, further reducing costs involved with manual checks.

Voice Biometrics for Extra Security

Voice biometrics compares a person’s voiceprint to determine their identity. Once recorded, a customer voice can be checked against a range of factors including pitch, spectral magnitudes and frequencies. This combination of sound, pattern and rhythm is different to a natural conversation and provides a trusted verification tool that’s difficult to fool.

Capturing voiceprints is very simple, accurate and discreet facilitating a positive customer experience.

Liveness Detection

To protect yourself and your company against fraud, greenID™ incorporates detection measures to ensure that a real person, not a computer BOT, is involved in transactions.

For example, individuals must blink when taking a selfie to prove they are live and not merely a static photo. To combat pre-recorded voices, the system prompts individuals to repeat randomly generated phrases or a sequence of numbers to prove that they are human and not a recording.

If biometric verification can secure and streamline your customer onboarding, talk to us for a confidential demo.



Using trusted global sources, you can screen customers against global sanctions & watchlists

There’s no ignoring, unlawful financial transactions are on the rise, with most countries introducing regulations to help detect and facilitate reporting of suspicious activity to regulators and law enforcement officials.

And when minimum standards such as  “Know your Customer” (KYC) and “Customer Due Diligence” (CDD) are often required to verify customers, greenID™ helps you take a risk-based approach to ensure you know who you’re dealing with – especially when compliance regulations such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) & Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF) are imposed.

Screen customers and candidates in real time

By integrating Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) and watchlist screening into the greenID™ verification solution, your customer verification process remains accurate and reliable. More importantly, these checks are performed in real time in the background with no visible impact on your customer.

Screen customers with solid, reliable and extensive data

greenID™’s electronic screening method is achieved by teaming up with some of the most trusted global data suppliers, Nomino Data and Dow Jones / Factiva.

Nomino Data provide a database of domestic and international persons of interest, covering sources like CIA World Leaders, and sanctions lists such as the DFAT and OFAC lists. You can use this service to enhance your existing PEP solutions or as a new, standalone option.

Dow Jones / Factiva supplies an Extended Politically Exposed Person’s (EPEP) dataset and is relied upon by eight of the largest and most powerful global financial institutions, incorporating data from 105 countries and covering extensive data including relationship types such as:

  • spouse or de facto partner
  • child, child’s spouse or child’s de facto partner
  • parents/grandparents
  • close associates (individuals with ownership or interest in an entity with benefits to the PEP)
  • entities that are closely connected to the PEP

For confidential information about our real-time global screening processes, get in touch with us here.



Check for fraudulent activity as part of your greenID™ verification process

Online engagement has increased, which brings an increase in online fraud and identity theft. And online fraud continuously evolves as fraudsters attempt to stay ahead of system checks.

The greenID™  platform teams up with ACI ReD Shield to check against current fraudulent activity registers and gives you options during onboarding to make calculated decisions.

  • Device fingerprint data and registration data is checked against suspicious activity indicators to determine the level of risk involved in the transaction.
  • Immediate decisions such as accept, challenge or deny can be made in real time to help prevent fraud.
  • Customer’s awareness is not impacted by suspicious activity assessed without requesting additional data.
  • Greater control over transactions allows you to prevent registrations and/or investigate those who present the risk of fraudulent activity.

For confidential information about fraud detection, contact us here.



Be assured identity documents are genuine using greenID™ mobile onboarding to make informed decisions

Every year, fraudsters use fake credentials, to create fake accounts, costing organisations millions of dollars every year.

greenID™ integrates Global Document Authentication when your customer photographs their ID documents as part of the greenID™ mobile onboarding process.

In the background, these documents and images are checked for authenticity using:

  • Photo Substitution tests
  • Micro printing tests
  • Colour checks
  • Optical Variable Ink tests
  • Pattern matches
  • Geometric tests

These checks are measured against predefined global templates to detect the validity of these features and that they have not been tampered with.

For a demonstration of greenID™ mobile capability, contact us here.