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Using secure verification, you can configure and control customer onboarding to suit your compliance needs

Globally, Anti Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) regulations must be adhered to when onboarding new customers. To help you achieve regulatory compliance, the greenID™ platform is easily integrated into your own onboarding channels – either online, mobile, call centre of the back office.

You have the ability to configure the greenID™ platform to check multiple data sources to satisfy your business rules as well as support different risk profiles and compliance requirements.

Our solutions have privacy and security designed into the process and are in use across a diverse range of the financial services sector, including:

  • Retail Banking (term deposits, investment loans, credit facilities, mortgages)
  • Share Trading
  • Superannuation and Investments
  • Finance Companies
  • Property Services and Property Conveyancing
  • Lending Services
  • Insurance Companies

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By checking identity against credible sources, you can offer a seamless onboarding process and protect against fraud.  

Increases in technology and lower entry costs means more consumers are accessing the telecommunications industry.

Even with this influx, most telecommunications companies must comply with local customer identification, regulation and KYC requirements, all while providing a simple experience to customers.

Keep it simple for customers

When your customers apply for prepaid and post-paid mobile phones, greenID™ integrates fraud detection tools to enhance the collection and verification of identity information into your onboarding process.

This keeps online account registrations secure and provides a smoother experience for your customers with a trusted link to your back office administration tools.

Keep it safe for the future

Checking telecommunication verification against reliable global sources helps with a shared global goal.

Not only can you identify your customers, you can also help support law enforcement, emergency services and national security agency investigations when required.

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Even with higher levels of security and compliance, you can configure greenID™ to provide your citizens with easier onboarding.   

Peace of mind for citizens

Identity verification services are an integral part of Government service delivery within the community to help provide for, and protect, citizens within the community.

What’s more, providing convenient online verification processes in real time gives citizens a positive experience and confidence in the government providing the services.

Peace of mind for government

Whether you need to identify individuals to access government services or provide identity documents such as passports drivers’ licences, we help design and integrate seamless solutions using greenID™.

Every solution is unique and gives you a robust system that can provide assurance and increase efficiencies within already complex government requirements.

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Take the hassle out of verification for your customers, creating a positive experience and instant results.   
Online gaming is often a spur of the moment decision, with customers wanting real-time registration and access. But when it comes to money laundering, online gaming has always been considered a “high risk” area.

Get results for your customers
With greenID™, identity credentials are verified using credible trusted sources, which means faster onboarding whilst meeting in-country AML/CTF legislation requirements.

So while your customers don’t see the rigorous identity verification processes behind the scenes, they enjoy secure registration and real-time gaming experiences.

Get protection for your business
Our greenID™ solutions help you mitigate risks and ensure the best possible verification rates are provided for the greatest number of registrations.

Your business is protected and your customers are safeguarded against potential fraudulent or illegal activity.

If you have existing or new online gaming needs, contact us here.



Increase the speed of money transfers with customised verification and high levels of compliance 

International Money Transfer is a rapidly growing industry. And while there is a growing need for faster and cost effective services to customers, this is reliant on technology and the scrutiny of verification prerequisites.

Rely on greenID™’s electronic processing

Varying rules often apply depending on the specific markets involved in the transaction. And you need to be able to verify people from diverse backgrounds.

Our systems allow you to KYC with simple electronic verification. greenID™ can be configured to request additional forms of identification if transactions are deemed “high risk” allowing upload/scanning of ID documents.

Rely on our history

We’ve configured the greenID™ platform to work for various money transfer agencies, with a focus on creating different levels of ID checks to reflect the different “risks” customers present.

But don’t take our word for it, Dianne Nguyen, Managing Director, HHMT says “greenID™ has helped automate the checking of clients credentials and ensured a high level of AML compliance which is critical to our business processes…” . You can read more about this case study here.

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Reduce the burden of student enrolment for staff and make the process simple for students.  

Fraudulent activity within the education sector is on the rise, with fraudulent documents being provided to qualify for entry and obtaining fraudulent student loans.

Make things better for students

For students, greenID™ helps streamline the enrolment process, so they have the flexibility to enrol anywhere, anytime. This can improve their experience with your faculties, especially if students are in remote locations.

And while your students can’t see it, greenID™ can check presented identity documents with the issuer of the document in real time. This can assist with the enrolment process and deter fraudulent enrolments too.

Make things better for staff

By making the enrolment process more cost effective and accurate, you can reduce the administrative burden on staff during peak enrolment periods. This frees them up to engage in other, more important activities.

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Protect your company or yourself by checking the status of potential employees and tenants – in real time.

Increasingly, the burden to check for legal rights of potential employers and renters is not on the applicants. This creates extra work and risk for employers and landlords.

Mitigate your risks as an employer

With exorbitant fines and penalties in place for employers that hire illegal workers, greenID™ helps reduce this risk within a matter of seconds.

With access to one of the world’s largest databases of identity screening information, you can verify the identity of all potential employees using different identity documents including passports, driving licenses, visas and biometric residence cards.

To further ensure you’re always protected, greenID™ can be configured to capture the correct combination of documents, and if employees are working legally on restricted visas, you can be alerted when these documents are due to expire (visas etc.)

greenID™ can also be configured to work with your existing web-based or mobile screening processes.

Potential candidates can use their mobile phones to scan and submit copies of their identity documents, giving employers and landlords instant notifications when documents are submitted and if they’re not authentic.

Mitigate your risks as a landlord

In the UK, you must check that a tenant or lodger can legally rent a residential property in England. This means you need to check:

  • Any documents provided are originals and belong to the tenant
  • Any dates for the tenant’s right to stay in the UK haven’t expired
  • Any photos on the documents are the tenants
  • The dates of birth are the same in all documents (and are believable)
  • The documents aren’t too damaged or don’t look like they’ve been changed
  • If any names are different on documents, there are supporting documents to show the reasons, e.g. marriage certificate or divorce decree
  • If the tenant is arranging their tenancy from overseas, you must see their original documents before they start living at the property.

With greenID™ we can ensure these checks are made and store information so you have a clear, auditable trail.

Importantly, it’s all done seamlessly and integrates into your own systems, in real time.

To reduce your risk when checking candidates, contact us here.